The Buccaneers' Relic

When Destiny's ship finally comes in, it comes in the form of a pirate galleon with a set of gigantic squid tentacles.


Sixteen-year-old Destiny is too smart for her school, too ambitious for the suburbs, and too immature to know what to do about it. She finds her escape in an extradimensional ocean that exists between our own world and the realm of the Wyrd gods. This is the Wild Blue, a place where the Golden Age of Piracy never ended and the four pirate fleets are our only defensive barrier against their old Wyrd masters. It's all a game to Destiny at first, meeting the colorful locals and trying her hand at piloting, but the fun ends quickly when she slips up and lets the Wyrd god, Kraken, steal her mother.


Now Destiny must sign on with the eccentric Captain Hobbes, his were-shark quartermaster, and a foul-mouthed mermaid. They may be able to win her mother's freedom, but in doing so they risk sealing the doom of the endangered Buccaneer fleet and giving the Wyrd a new foothold in the Wild Blue. It's the first time in Destiny's life she's ever had to be aware of how small, fragile, and wildly inexperienced she is, but she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she let the Wyrd finally make a little girl out of her.

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