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Through the Plot Hole: Recent Books


Long ago, the Cat was a character in a slapstick cartoon show with a fourth wall that was so thin it finally collapsed entirely. This was when he saw that there was a world outside of the gaudy hell he lived in. Armed with this knowledge, he developed the process for creating "plot holes", tears in the fabric of fiction designed to allow him to escape into Reality. Unfortunately, every plot hole only leads him to another fiction.

After many years and many plot hole attempts, the Cat has given up hope of ever escaping. He has retired in an innocuous fairy tale with the motley crew of fictitious archetypes he gathered through his various attempts. It is here that they meet Elana, a princess who convinces them to come out of retirement for one more plot hole job. The Cat is reluctant, but he's never had an actual protagonist on the team; after all, a fairy tale protagonist always gets a happy ending, right?

The team dives into the Diegesphere, which will pit them against three challenges before the plot hole can open. However, Elana’s past is catching up to her, and the team is in for a nasty surprise before their mission can be completed.

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